Undone (Just Barely Trying)

by Some Mountains Move

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Use Headphones.

A couple songs showing my development as a musician recently. Not really mixed or mastered; recorded the same way I record demos.

Full of anxiety and honesty. Stuff I tell no one.


released April 1, 2017

Songs Written, Recorded, (not really) mixed, and (basically not) Mastered by Evan Boggs on Logic Pro X on a Friday in Illinois



all rights reserved


Some Mountains Move Urbana, Illinois

Some Mountains Move is a solo project by Illinois musician Evan Boggs.

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Track Name: Sorry
I'll be keeping my eyes open when we go out Saturday
I'm sorry I don't trust you let's just see how long it takes
and "no I won't"
This paranoia cuts my legs off and sets me free at sea
It sets me free

I will panic, watch the time race, if I see his face again.
I will walk out, try to calm down, please tell me you understand.
I'm sorry I know this hurts you, I'm learning how to trust again.
I've been drowning since she left, I just hope that you can swim.

Just understand that I'm not fixed at all.
I'm over her but I feel like you're over me.
These anxious thoughts travel up and down my spine.
It's a problem, cut my legs of and set me free at sea.
Set me free.
Track Name: Things Got Better
As you see I'm no longer drowning.
Found myself a better girl to take your pictures down in my memory.
You promised me you said you meant it all.
I don't really care no more but just look at how far I've gone. I hope you know.

Im happy here there's no where else I'd rather be,
my friends all said the same and when I saw you yesterday I didn't care.
I guess I can say I'm finally over it.
You let me cut myself down and for that I cannot forgive. I hope you know.

She's way more than I could ask for.
I would go into detail but I need to stick to what I have to say.
You just like my mom said it is my fault.
Blamed your condition on me, while I bled out constantly. I hope you know.

You could've been the one I called the long run.
But I love who I replaced you with; damage is undone I hope you know.